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Finding the Right Writing Inspiration for Your Life
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To keep her assured that she will have a say when the time is right, develop a system for quickly marking issues you need to address later. I like to highlight sections that I know will need revision in yellow. Experiment with what works best for you so you can quickly notate what needs solving without getting bogged down in the details right now. From the people in your home whose lives and sounds overlap with yours to the ones living in your head who whisper unhelpful words to the ones reporting by the minute on endless social media platforms.

Headphones can transport you to an oasis of peaceful sounds or music, while turning Wi-Fi off and silencing alert sounds and visuals on your phone or computer can provide the silence you need to focus on your own unimpeded thoughts, images, and language. I find that the trickiest voices to tune out are the ones I carry with me. I have a tradition of thanking my unfriendly inner voices for trying in their awkward way to help me.

Structure is like the road in an open plain: It gives you a place to fix your eye to understand the path forward. But if you need to get out of the car and do cartwheels through the grass, and then get lost in the desert for a few nights, that can be just as fruitful. We all have different needs for structure and improvisation, and our needs may change from day to day and project to project.

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Writing can become a little overbearing for the best of us, and it?s easy to lose inspiration when we become weighted by the cynicism of our worst writing. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alexandra Lanc has been writing ever since she could pick up a pen, finishing her first novel at age Writing throughout.

When your writing session is over, make a note for yourself of what you intend to do first when you sit down the next time. This circles back to my advice on having a clear plan. Picking up at a place where you were in the flow can give you a sense of continuity, immediate orientation, and satisfaction.

Writing your life story. Turning memories into memoir

Her prizewinning poems, essays, fiction, and how-to articles have been published widely, and Sage has been sought out as a literary instructor, writing coach, presenter, performer, and judge. As the founder of Sage Communications, she has been crafting the strategies and writing the words that accelerate business since She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her young son and a menagerie of animals. The rescue shelter I work with, Pets Alive, publicized a cry for help in social media featuring a beaten, abused pit bull whose back legs were paralyzed.

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The dog was about to be euthanized when workers from Pets Alive looked into his face and saw hope still burning bright in his eyes. The shelter decided to save him. His story went viral.

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Robert was finally adopted and fitted with a special scooter so he could get around. The love between Robert and my heroine in the book became as important as the primary love story between my heroine and the hero. I mingled the two stories to create a far-reaching theme that left readers more thoroughly satisfied. Incorporating stories that inspire can help you write an extraordinary book.

The Internet can be very inspirational. Well, the good parts of the Internet—where there are lovely dog videos, people who rescue animals, real-life heroes who go out of their way to save others, and funny everyday people who want to make us happy—can be inspirational. It reminds us what it is to be human. Taking some time to explore new websites and read articles helps bring fresh information to your stories.

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When I was writing the Searching For series, I investigated dating sites and matchmaking agencies, and became familiar with the social parameters of Match, eHarmony, and Tinder. Research has never been easier!

Most answers are at the tips of our fingers. Music is a part of my soul and an integral part of my writing. I always listen to music when I write; certain theme songs resonate with me. I have created an entire novel based on one song that touches me deeply. Music is a passionate love in my life that goes hand-in-hand with my writing. Many authors use playlists to set the mood of a book. Listening to specific songs while writing a sex scene or a fight scene can bring a burst of energy.

Steinbeck in the Schools

If you write in silence, you may want to experiment with background sounds that boost creativity. There are wonderful sites that play soothing background sounds such as rainfall. Open your senses to all possibilities in order to bring richness to your writing. Inspiration is the fuel that drives us forward as writers. Fan this fire, allow it to burn hot and bright within you, and your days will be filled with stories. An Exercise: Write a list of everything that inspires you: people, books, movies, television, music, or any situation in your life. Anything and everything goes. Then study that list; allow yourself some precious time to ponder where you receive most of your inspiration.

If you target something specific, make sure you honor your soul by giving yourself more of what inspires you. Need More Inspiration? We will scratch the surface and never unlock the rusty old cellar that contains our dreams and visions, and eventually, our greatness. Writers must pay attention. You need to open up as life unfolds around you. This will keep you full of stories. Reading in various genres will sometimes act as a springboard to the excitement you need to power your own work.

I want to be that good, I think to myself as I read a brilliant passage from another author. I need to work harder to create such magnificence. To be a truly successful writer you need to be a voracious and eclectic reader. So pick up a Donna Tartt, an Anne Rice, a David Sedaris, an Elizabeth George, and any other book written by a respected author outside your genre and figure out what makes their books sing.

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Use that information as both inspiration, or even as a loose guide, for creating something very original within your specific area of fiction. Movies and television have inspired some of my most passionate ideas.

So I created the Pierce brothers and their family business, which has been passed on from one generation to the next, and they allow me to live in an HGTV world. Television series have reached an all-new level. It has also helped me study the way a powerful scene is developed. If you consider each hour installment as a chapter in your book, inspiration is rich in regards to character, motivation, growth arc, and themes.

Next time you watch your favorite show, step back as a viewer and study the content like a writer. Only available online here at the WritersDigestShop. My past dating disasters and close female friendships inspired my Searching For series. I had so many terrible dates that I laughed about years and years later.

What About Too Much Plot?

The series became a way to relate to all the readers who had gone through similar experiences. Taking disasters and spinning them with humor is a way to reach people. She decides not to shave her legs as a way to curtail any intimate involvement. Imagine her horror when a kiss leads to more, and she realizes her mistake and is forced to confess her secret to the hero.

I heard from many readers who identified with the scene, even though this famous feminine secret has now been outed. Quotes from writing masters, religious leaders, or brilliant thinkers inspire me. Hearing words from someone else that strike a chord makes me feel part of a tribe, and therefore less alone. When you hear a quote that inspires you, make sure to write it down in a journal or copy and paste it into a document that you go back to every now and again.

You will be able to reference quotes that touch you for future blog posts, social media, and stories. I also use quotes to dig deeper into my character development. For instance, when I was creating my hero, Caleb, in Everywhere and Every Way, I picked a few quotes that would resonate with him. I did the same with his two brothers in the subsequent books, and the difference in what quotes affected them showed me the unique aspects of their personality.