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Musk oxen today are only native to Canada and Greenland, but they were once more widespread across the Arctic.

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Twenty musk oxen were introduced to Wrangel Island in Today, their population has stabilized at around individuals, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Arctic Report Card. Conservationists have also established populations of musk oxen in Alaska, where the species disappeared by the s.

BEAR RIVER – The ox pull season got underway in Bear River this past weekend.

They involve woodland and equine creatures. Over the years, locals and visitors donated ties in exchange for a pint of beer. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Rick Riordan. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Now, more than 4, musk oxen live in five different Alaskan regions, though not all of those populations are growing, NOAA officials say. Live Science.

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The Bear and The Ox is a book of six short childrens adventure stories. They involve woodland and equine creatures, and shamens and farmers. A healthy imagination is all that is required. The Bear And the Ox [Richard B. Dean] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Bear and The Ox is a book of six short childrens adventure​.

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Use the PDF linked in the document sidebar for the official electronic format. We, the U. Continued implementation of the SHA is intended to benefit the recovery of the federally listed threatened northern Idaho ground squirrel in Adams County, Idaho. The Service is making the proposed SHA renewal and our draft environmental action statement EAS available for public review and comment.

All comments from interested parties must be received on or before November 14, To request further information, obtain copies of documents, or submit written comments, please use one of the following methods. Greg Burak, U. If you use a telecommunications device for the deaf, please call the Federal Relay Service at Fish and Wildlife Service Service , have received a written request dated May 30, , from Hixon Properties Incorporated to renew an existing Safe Harbor Agreement SHA for an additional 5 years beyond its current expiration date of September 28, Renewing the SHA for an additional 5 years would make the expiration date the same as the expiration date of the permit.

Renewing the SHA is intended to benefit the recovery of the federally listed threatened northern Idaho ground squirrel Urocitellus brunneus on 7, acres ac of privately owned land in Adams County, Idaho. The activities implemented under this SHA will aid in increasing the current range of the covered species, restoring this species to part of its historic range, and increasing the total population of the species, thus contributing to its overall recovery.

The Service is making the proposed SHA renewal and our draft EAS available for public review and comment, including the submission of written data. Section 9 of the ESA prohibits the take of fish and wildlife species listed as endangered or threatened under section 4 of the ESA. Under specified circumstances, however, we may issue permits that authorize take of federally listed species, provided the take is incidental to, but not the purpose of, an otherwise lawful activity.

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Regulations governing permits for threatened species are at 50 CFR Under a SHA, participating landowners voluntarily undertake management activities on their property to enhance, restore, or maintain habitat benefiting species listed under the ESA. SHAs, and the subsequent permit issued to participating landowners pursuant to section 10 a 1 A of the ESA, encourage private and other non-Federal property owners to implement conservation actions for federally listed species by assuring the landowners that they will not be subjected to increased property use restrictions as a result of their efforts to either attract listed species to their property, or to increase the numbers or distribution of listed species already on their property.

Enrolled landowners may make lawful use of the enrolled property during the permit term and may incidentally take the listed species named on the permit. As provided for in the Service's final Safe Harbor Policy 64 FR ; June 17, , SHAs provide assurances that allow the property owner to alter or modify their enrolled property, even if such alteration or modification results in the incidental take of a listed species, to such an extent that the property is returned back to the originally agreed upon baseline conditions.

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If this occurs, landowners must relinquish the associated incidental take permit pursuant to section 10 a 1 A of the ESA. Northern Idaho ground squirrels currently occupy ac of the covered area. The ac is considered the baseline. When the existing permit expires on September 28, , the OX Ranch is allowed to return their property to baseline.

Renewal of Safe Harbor Agreement for OX Ranch, Adams County, Idaho

In addition, the applicant may also work with the Service and others to implement timber-related habitat enhancement measures that will potentially increase habitat for squirrels within the covered area. The biological goal of northern Idaho ground squirrel Start Printed Page conservation measures in the SHA is to expand this species' population within and beyond the ac baseline area by reducing threats and enhancing habitat for the species. The SHA is intended to contribute to the recovery of the northern Idaho ground squirrel by reducing threats, expanding and increasing the viability of the ground squirrel population at this site, improving habitat conditions, and potentially facilitating translocation of ground squirrels to other sites in need of population supplementation, as appropriate.

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For example, they have carried out habitat enhancement projects on their land and have participated in multiple habitat enhancement studies by providing access to their property for research purposes i. They have allowed the installation of no-shooting signs on their property, conducted outreach, allowed needed surveys and monitoring to be carried out on an annual basis by the IDFG i.

Renewing the SHA for an additional 5 years will provide continued conservation benefits on OX Ranch lands for the northern Idaho ground squirrel. The Service has made a preliminary determination that the proposed SHA renewal is eligible for categorical exclusion under NEPA, based on the following criteria: 1 Implementation of the SHA would result in minor or negligible adverse effects on federally listed, proposed, and candidate species and their habitats; 2 implementation of the SHA would result in minor or negligible adverse effects on other environmental values or resources; and 3 impacts of the SHA, considered together with the impacts of other past, present, and reasonably foreseeable similarly situated projects, would not result, over time, in cumulative adverse effects to environmental values or resources which would be considered significant.

We explain the basis for this determination in more detail in an EAS that is also available for public review.

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