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Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas that a different approach is found, one that puts emphasis on the relational and responsive character of a person, rather than on the autonomous and auto telic dimension. According to Housset, such a dimension appears together with the idea of the person as a creation, and in opposition to the idea of the rational individual, that is his own master. The emotional dimension and the personality that is awoken by the many figures of alterity are some of the dimensions of the person that the author analyzes, based on examining the flesh, passions, memory historicity and love.

El signo como emblema. Full Text Available The aim of this article is to study the signs and symbols that appear in the hispanic medieval documents and manuscripts. These signs and symbols have usually been considered simply as mere elements to validate the charters. However, these alements were useful as a mean of visual communication between the high classes, able to generate charters, and the rest of medieval society—the majority illiterate— who received those charters. Because of their inability of understand an alphabetical code, they needed the graphic help to comprehend the message.

Besides this, the article deals with non diplomatic signs and their function. O analista como testemunha. Arte como espelho.


El riesgo como oportunidad. Endomarketing: como diferencial competitivo. Vinieron luego los trabajos de Fraser, , 2, 3, 6, Polaillon, 4, Amaud, 5, Vaquez y Lutembacher, 7, Stoll, 8, Lapicque, 9, Wiggers, 10, Ytantos otros 11, 12, Hamlyn y Manunta 15, 16, 17, 18, Y 19 hicieron estudios sobre el particular y lograron identificar en el plasma humano un compuesto igual a la ouabaina. O direito como imperativo. Full Text Available We have examined one of the facets which Law presents to society, looking at the theme through a brief history of Law, in which Roman Law stands out, up to modem times, comparing current juridical systems such as the Continental System, Common Law, and Soviet Law.

We have looked at Law from the viewpoint of society 's need to have basic mies for living together, with the juridical ruZe being one of the most important. We have highlighted the views of Hart and Kelsen on the foundations of the validity of Law. We have also considered the obligatoriness of Law; giving the point of view of tadbruch who, explaining his ''Theory of the Obligatoriness of Law ", concluded that the obligatoriness of Law can only be withdraw when there is a Clash between morals, law, use and social conventions.

We have looked at the notion of the imperativeness of Law the central theme of the work -drawing on the views of Miguel Reale, for whom the juridical nonn cannot be reduced to a "command of a volitional nature", but rather the obligatory character of the juridical nonn arises from the pressure of social values.

Del Vecchio, who is also quoted, recognized that imperativeness exists in the juridical norm, whether it is preceptive a positive command or permissive. Also mentioned is the opinion of Tercio Sampaio Ferraz, for whom the juridical norm has imperativeness to the extent that the imposition of behaviour is unconditionally guaranteed. Education and science museums. Reflections in Italy and on Italy.

Full Text Available The educational function of science museums was born with the first naturalistic collections ever, flourished in 16th-century Italy. The pedagogic thought and the educational experimentations carried out in approximately five century of history have allowed the educational mission of museums to acquire many different facets, drawing a task having an increasingly higher and complex social value. Recent publications explore these new meanings of an old role. Europa como cultura. Full Text Available El presente texto tiene un origen muy concreto.

En este texto se toma aquel comentario como punto de partida.

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The origins of this text are very specific. Company profile: Edison of Italy. The energy subsidiary of the Montedison chemicals company Ferruzzi Group , Edison is Italy 's largest private sector electricity producer. Last year production amounted to 4. Edison also ranks first in the Italian league of private sector hydrocarbons producers, its Edison Gas subsidiary controlling a group that has significant exploration and development interests.

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And so, it is a tale of immigration, settlement and cultural adjustment, as well as generational progress. Subject: Neurosensory hypoacusis: new possibilities of treatment with stem cells. Spanish conquerors looking for gold, that they found and sent back to Spain, when they reached the highlands of Mexico found a civilization that had the most delightful and unusual food. He resisted overtures from Confederate agents and cultivated friendships with federal officers, including Colonel Lewis and Col. The labor force activity rate was The Fitzwilliam's and the Darcy's are not related but very close friends resulting in the close friendship of Lizzy, Richard, and Darcy as young children.

These are mainly in Italy where production amounted to m cubic metres of natural gas and , barrels of oil in the first half of the year. The recent acquisition of Deutsche Shell's Italian fields should allow Edison to reach 2bn cubic metres of gas production by Cowpox Virus in Llama, Italy.

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Transmission electron microscopy showed brick-shaped particles consistent with orthopoxviruses. Cold fusion research in Italy. This paper summarizes cold fusion CF research in Italy. In Italy , many Agencies and Universities are moderately funding research in CF, and the scientists have made a few attempts to coordinate each other, organizing meetings and conferences. However, the activity has been mostly the fruit of the scientists' initiative, and never a coordinated proposal of Agencies and Universities. No position on the scientific validity of the subject has been officially taken and the funds for CF have been rather modest.

The investments in Italy on CF, the figure referring to amounts to about 0. A number of about 70 scientists, mostly working part-time, is committed all around the Country in research on CF. The lack of offical commitment and effective support by the Research Agencies and the Universities has not prevented scientists from being quite active in performing research. On the other side, it has to be acknowledged that no formal vetoes have been interposed to the free initiative of scientists in this field: on the contrary, some of the Agencies and Universities have moderately funded such an effort.

The quality of the experiments in Italy has been increasingly good, and the results obtained are rather out standing in the general panorama of CF.

El reino del Profeta Salomón (Película)

But it is time to perform a more coordinated effort, keeping in mind that material science aspects, such as the characteristics of the materials used, play a very important role in the development of this topic. Thus, a much more intense effort is required to obtain a more substantial progress in the field.

The increasingly convincing results obtained by the whole CF community, and the example of the Japanese Government and Industry, which appear to be determined to promoting CF research, have changed the panorama of CF. These are now signs that also the Italian scientific authorities could consider favouring research in this field in the near future.

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El dueño de su virtud (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) [Miranda Lee] on halydeskfact.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Madrid. 18 cm. p. Encuadernación en. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. After leaving her convent school, Miranda Lee briefly El dueño de su virtud (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition.

Reforming Capital Taxation in Italy. This paper reviews capital taxation issues in Italy based on a comprehensive definition encompassing taxes on income, transactions, and ownership. It discusses options to enhance the neutrality of the capital income tax system, followed by a detailed analysis of the property tax, the inheritance tax, and various transaction taxes.

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The paper also examines the case for replacing the set of existing taxes on financial and real assets with a single net wealth tax. This report contains the AC's VLBI data analysis activities and shortly outlines the investigations into the co-locations of space geodetic instruments. Italy 's recurrent energy dependency dilemma. This paper first critically assesses the objectives of Italy 's National Energy Plan which, in light of the moratorium on nuclear energy, called for moderate but steady reductions in imported energy supplies through the implementation of energy conservation programs and the development of available domestic conventional and renewable energy sources.

El CO2 como disolvente y como reactivo. A condicionalidade como zona conceitual. Energy and environment in Italy. Based upon the more meaningful changing recorded within the Italian energy sector in the year , the Studies Department of ENEA the Italian National board for new technologies, energy and environment prepared the 'Rapporto Energia e Ambiente ', which provides a picture of the country energy and energy-related activities concerning the environment.

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In this paper, it is only provided a summary of the whole work. The complete report can be downloaded from the ENEA main page www. Because Gdp grew more than the energy consumption, the energy intensity decreases in the year Transportation absorbs a large and growing share of the energy consumption while showing quite an impact on the environment. From the supply side, renewable energy sources appear very promising because they allow the use of local resources, promote local development and may create new jobs, in area of the country with less favourable economic conditions.

This rate should more than double if the new opportunities coming from the development of innovative energy technologies have to be fully exploited [it. Italy : An Open Air Museum. Imagine if you could see the River Styx, bathe in the Fountain of Youth, collect water which enhances fertility, wear a gem that heals bodily ailments, understand how our health is affected by geomagnetic fields, venture close to the flames of Hell on Earth and much, much, more.

Know something? These things exist - on Earth - today - in Italy and you can visit them because Italy is an open air museum.